Naouri Group of Companies

Naouri Group of Companies

Company Overview
Naouri Group of companies, one of the largest Transport and Travel Groups in Jordan, Iraq & the Levant region with 17 companies, 51 offices in Jordan, Iraq and Syria and 650 staff members. Since its establishment in 1994, Naouri Group represents international top ranking companies, and provides differentiated high class services in the fields of Freight Forwarding, Shipping, Customs Clearing, Cargo and Vessels Inspection, ISO Certification, Trading, Security, Travel and Tourism & Agriculture projects. Ever since it was founded, Naouri Group of Companies has been striving to reinforce its backbone on which it was built and prospered, the goal of ultimately gathering a pioneering, professional and extremely capable staff was effectively fulfilled through its Human Resources Department. Naouri Group is empowered by its pioneer and highly experienced top management, which was able to create a seventeen-companies-group, endorsing over 100 Job Categories at a 12 levels-employment-pyramid for over 650 employees. Aware of the competition and high demand on excellent job candidates, Naouri Group has worked over the years to provide the best job opportunities and tempting incentives through its excellent job packages. In Naouri Group, we care about our employees, and we work hard to guarantee their future through our excellent salary packages and Social Security system. Also, Health and Life Insurance plans have been introduced for the welfare of our employees. We always appreciate our employees efforts to keep the Group at a constant pace of growth and prosperity, and we reward them through our Annual and Semi-Annual bonus packages reaching up to a rewarding 2-3 months pay. Quality is an important concept upon which we treat our staff, we encourage the idea that all employees are equal and should be treated accordingly. We also encourage our employees themselves to work and develop their skills to stand out and prove their high qualifications, entitling them to extra incentives and higher bonuses and ultimately higher positions within our organizat
Why Work for Us
Naouri Group is one of Jordan's success stories; it was established in 1994 as a small company and grew throughout the next 14 years to become a group of 8 companies, employing over 350 staff members in its 32 office in Jordan. Naouri Group enjoys a unique culture and working environment where highly effective individuals are immediately spotted and are given special attention throughout their career. There are many possible career paths at Naouri Group that present an interesting and challenging career for any person committed to achievements; we are already involved in many activities and we continue to grow quickly in response to the different opportunities that are presenting themselves in Jordan's emerging market. If you believe that you have what it takes to meet Naouri Group's ever growing ambition, then apply now.

Job Openings in Naouri Group of Companies